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Women Fashion Shoes | Custom Made Heels Height

  • The different ways to be well-heeled/ The different between pumps,high-heels, and stilettos



    Women wear heels to make a statement. And, that statement can be stronger at times, or, if desired, a bit more subtle. It all depends on the type of heels one prefers to wear, because there are indeed differences between your standard high heels, stilettos, and pumps. As we know, most men probably couldn’t begin to tell you the difference between the three…but you’d be surprised at how many women aren’t real sure of the exact differences in style. In general, heels can be a powerful anchor – if not the most impressive part – to any ensemble. Yet, these three types of heels, each iconic in their own right, and can be worn with grace at work or at play. Okay, so what’s the difference? Well, “high heels” usually refer to standard high-heeled shoes, and, as they were designed to do, make women look longer than their normal height. And the array of styles found in usual high heels can vary greatly, however they are typically 2.1 – 3.8 inches with thick and normal width. Then, there are pumps. These are flat or low-heeled shoes, with a heel of 2 inches or less, with a bit of a wider heel tip. Pumps tend to have a round cut, and are generally preferred with more formal attire – but they can be donned for a casual look with skirts or jeans. So while woman can dance comfortably in pumps, stilettos are a whole other story. This style of heel is truly about the glamor. They possess extra long, slender heels – usually 3.9 inches or higher. The construction of the stiletto heel is of a stem shape, and the core is made from steel or alloy. Stilettos are extremely popular in patent leather material, as that’s their signature look. They indeed add a sense of femininity, but not at the expense of conveying a bit of power, too. Overall, it just makes great fashion sense to stock your closet with all types of heels, and then pick a pair depending on how bold you want to be!




  • Tips for protecting feet from summer dryness

    Tips for protecting feet from summer dryness

    In summer, women tend to go barefoot when wearing pumps and sandals. As airy and comfortable as this can be, because of this habit they often experience “keretined” (dry heels) foot. And as we’re sure you aware, this condition can be a somewhat embarrassing look. So we’d like to share with you some steps that can be easily taken to prevent this level of dryness on your feet.

    Step one: As soon as you get home from a day out in the sun, wash your feet. Then apply foot cream, and try to wear cotton socks until you turn in for bed. This will significantly protect your feet from drying out. There are many different types of foot cream to choose from, so feel free to experiment until you find the product that works best for you.

    Step two:Try to wear no-show socks even when you do wear pumps or high heels. *Even when you do, don’t forget to put foot cream on. And if you choose to wear sandals, bring along packaged wet tissue and foot cream, and wipe down your foot and apply the cream every few hours.

    Step three: If you have severely rough, dried heels, soak your foot in warm water for about 10 or 15 minutes, then use a foot scrubber. We don’t recommend that you save your heels, as it’s possible to get a bacterial infection by doing so. And while you’re doing this process, be sure to give your feet a massage for a few minutes here and there – you’ll find that it will help bolster the overall health of your feet.

    If you remember to do all of the above every day during the summer heat, you’ll enjoy this season in the sun so much more. So step softly, and be comfortable!

  • Band flat sandals

    color-flats,ohshoedesigns You know what they say, “You can never get enough of something you love.” We’re not sure exactly who says that, but we think there’s a good chance they were talking about shoes. As in comfortable shoes that hold up, from a fashion sense, for any occasion. And when there is an important event – or any event for that matter – sometimes we think that our shoes must make a fashion statement, or a bold statement, or that they must garner compliments. Here at OHSHOEDESIGNS, although we’re all for making a splash with a prolific pair, we also preach that shoes that make an outfit appear seamless are worth their weight in gold (or leather). And any of our colorful array of band flat sandals can truly round out any ensemble. Often, this style is the “go-to pair”, thanks to its comfort and simplicity. But imagine have several go-to pairs in your closet – our flat sandals, are, at the same time, sleek, versatile, and a joy to wear. We know that you simply won’t get enough of these!


  • Must have in2014/sandals



    Sure, we all had 2014 New Year’s resolutions. And maybe you did a great job keeping those promises to yourself. Or maybe you let some slide. Either way, with the upcoming summer season, you’ve got more important resolutions to make – the most important one being to dedicate yourself to only wearing shoes that inspire. The great thing is, fashion promises are the easiest ones to keep! Especially when you have access to superior sandals that allow your creativity to shine. You can opt for simple and elegant, a pair that will always turn heads, or shoes that really push the limits of what you’re used to. After all, although you should always be comfortable in your sandals, you should never get too comfortable and do the “same old, same old.” When you fill your closet with a line-up of sandals that force you to put together a completely new look, you’ll be surprised at what you come up with. At OHSHOEDESIGNS, we focus on presenting you with pairs that elevate your fashion, and we’ll always have sandals that make you say “wow”. That’s our 2014 resolution – and it’s just for you.


  • Loafers; are you ready for shoe comfort?



    It’s a common misconception that comfort has to take a back seat to beauty and style. The often heard complaint after a night on heels – no matter how stunning the pair may be – is: “oh my gosh, my feet are killing me...I need to get out of these heels!” Of course, some specific occasions do call for a certain level of elegance – for which heels are perfect. But before you automatically assume that’s the choice to make, consider the loafer (or commonly called, “slip-on” shoes) – as this style of shoe has recently come a long way in the world of fashion. These days, you have amazing options – where comfort is a given, and where superior style is surprising. Especially now that the warmer months are upon us, there are definitely going to be more and more occasions that are perfect for the comfort of loafers. And the key is not to settle for the simple (although a simple, clean design works in many cases), but to explore what’s out there. There exists a universe of both heeled and non-heeled loafers, both of which provide the comfort you desire as well as gorgeous styles than can anchor an outfit.



  • What is the most important decision for you when you buy shoes?



    Have you ever stopped to consider what overcomes you when discovering that truly special pair of shoes? We’re not talking about the occasional purchase for a certain event, or for work, or when you just have to replace a certain pair. Those decisions are driven by obvious factors – you lean towards certain colors, you may have a taste for the flashy vs. the understated, and there’s always the desire for comfort. We’re talking about the intangible, hard to explain wow factor. You know, that extraordinary, tingly feeling you get all over when a certain shoe genuinely jumps out at you. The pair that you must have, right away. Like it’s sitting there on the shelf with a glow around it. It’s like the perfect storm, where you’re not really looking at the individual facets of the shoe, but you’re taking in its complete aura. The next time that happens, take a moment and consider that feeling. Here at OHSHOEDESIGNS, we’re asking you to do that because we believe it will tell you something important about yourself. Because when you know more about yourself, you’ll be that much more comfortable BEING yourself…and truly embrace your individuality. So the next time you’re overwhelmed with excitement, before you step into those amazing shoes, step back and ask yourself why you feel that way. It may be very enlightening!





    Consider the idea of “fashion”. We know that conjures up different images and has varying meanings for different people. And then there’s taking it a step further by identifying something as “fashionable.” So, what does that really mean? At OHSHOEDESIGNS, we like to define it as individuality. Personal creativity is at the heart of fashion…no judgments…no rolling of the eyes…just an admiration of those who proudly wear whatever makes them feel good. We truly believe that we’re living in a golden age of fashion – there are so many unique options, so many unexpected ways to put an outfit together, and so many designs available to make whatever statement you wish. At OHSHOEDESIGNS, sure we have plenty of shoes that may be labeled “trendy” or “stylish” or “relevant” – yet at the end of the day, it’s all about what YOU think. We’re just here to give you a wide range of choices and colors and heel heights, and to give you expert, personal attention that a small company with big ideas can offer. Isn’t that the right way to define “fashionable”? We think so. Stop by our site, sign up for our newsletter, and see how we can support your creativity.


  • Spring is coming, so it's time to start getting ready to take your pumps out of your closet!

    ohshoedesigns,-pumps-out-of-your-closet,ohshoedesigns-blog-  If you’re about staying on top of fashion styles and trends, then you’re well aware that spring is coming. Since we’re nearing the heart of winter, those not tuned into the world of fashion would call that statement crazy. But in this industry, it’s about focusing on what’s going to be buzzing this spring. Here at OHSHOEDESIGNS, we thought it would be a great idea to give your creative thinking a spark – we don’t want to influence your style, we want to influence HOW YOU THINK about your style. Normally we’d say “get those pumps” ready, or “try a different heel height”…but all we really want to say at this point is “dress differently.” Meaning, as you start thinking about clothes, shoes, and ensembles, consider creating another facet of your fashion personality. Think about an accessory that you’ve always passed up. Or a color you wouldn’t normally choose. Or a type of outfit you’ve never tried on. You might surprise yourself, and open up a new world of ideas. Spring is coming, so push it a bit, and dress differently. And visit us at OHSHOEDESIGNS to ignite your imagination.


  • How to keep your feet comfortable



    High heels are a stunning addition to an outfit, but the shoe always raises

    the question of comfort. Those who’ve never donned a pair often ask,

    “Isn’t that painful?” And they often are. Yet don’t throw in the towel on

    your beautiful pairs because they’re uncomfortable. At OHSHOEDESIGNS,

    we have expert advice so you can continue walking tall in a chic, stylish

    manner. First, the more you wear high heels, the more you’ll adjust to them

    as the area outside the ankle joint muscles will increase in strength. But

    even those who wear heels often experience some pain, so here is what

    we recommend. It’s important to stretch your feet as much as possible

    – flex your feet and ankles up and down, then rotate your foot in circles

    from your ankles. You should also massage your feet periodically when at

    rest. We suggest the usage of silicone pads for under both toes and heels,

    and when it’s time to take off the heels, soak your feet in warm water for

    about 10 minutes. Now you’re prepared to get yourself some amazing

    OHSHOEDESIGNS high heels – and along with looking great, you’ll feel

    pretty good, too.


  • High heels


    The mystery of high heels is quite fascinating. It’s not a riddle what high heels convey – they emit glamor and high fashion. They can be striking in bold color and chic style, yet the question is why women choose high heels when the discomfort can be so annoying. First, we consider the height advantage gained from heels. Is this advantageous because women feel men are more attracted to increased height? Perhaps – yet due to the fact that so many wear heels, and that they eventually have to remove them, this benefit is quite short-lived. At OHSHOEDESIGNS, we feel that although added height enhances confidence, the source of passion for high heels lies within one word – femininity. The inherent structure of heels causes women to move a certain way, accenting certain feminine traits – ones that drive attraction from the opposite sex…it’s simply human nature. OHSHOE offers an impressive range of high heels, a selection driven by creativity and quality. And we know women will live with a bit of discomfort if they can flaunt a spectacular pair, make a statement, and, of course, make heads turn.


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