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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • Enamel shoes

    Enamel shoes are extremely shiny, so if you desire to express yourself in a cute, vivid manner, they are the perfect choice. However, pulling off this impression is only possible when they’re glossy, and possess a true shine. Otherwise, wearing enamel shoes marred by dirt, or engulfed by dullness, will make you appear as a country girl who just stepped off the bus into the big city. Enamel shoes can maintain their charm if you simply polish them with a lotion. But remember, using a shoe polish can have a contrary effect because a shoe polish shine results in making the enamel shoes significantly glossier. Before you apply lotion, you should dust them off with a piece of soft cloth. Enamel shoes tend to stretch more than real leather shoes, so if you wear the same pair daily, note that their shape will change easily. Also keep in mind that if they are constantly exposed to a cool climate, they might crack. Therefore, it’s a good idea to only wear them once in a while during the cold months. And when you decide to put them away for a while, remember to place some balled up newspapers into the instep. By OHSHOEDESIGNS

  • Sandals

    Sometimes you shoot for chic style. Sometimes you go for distinction. But when you can put the two together and embrace something fashionably unique, well, then you’re walking pretty. Green snake leather isn’t something you see every day, especially in a pair of heels whose straps seem to make a statement of their own. Often times, two prominent design elements or patterns clash, or one is simply too dominant. With this pair, you’ll notice that the different aspects complement each other perfectly. The beautiful shade of green is a delicate touch in the front, yet the view from the back is a whole different story. From that angle, you can appreciate impact of the snake leather design, while the sparkle of the straps provides a subtle backdrop that meshes well. And any heel height you choose will convey the same aura – one where a touch of bold meets a strong sense of of sophistication. By OHSHOEDESIGNS

  • Leather shoes

    Shoes that are made from real leather are expensive, so it is good to know how to keep them in good condition for a long time. Here are some tips! First, before you wear them, lightly put leather shoe polish all over them. This should help to protect them from getting some light scratches and a shot life. Second, anytime after coming back home, dust off your leather shoes with a cloth, clean them with a cleaner, and apply leather polish. One thing you should know about using leather polish is that a liquid leather shoe polish is for common leather, and an emulsified cream is for real leather. Last, put some newspapers into the shoes, and keep them in a cool area. Be aware that the best function of real leather shoes is that to absorb all the sweat, so it is very impotent to dry them in natural cool air. Plus, wearing real leather shoes two days in a row is not good. By OHSHOEDESIGNS.COM

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