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Monthly Archives: July 2013

  • Style of the week

    weekly-collectionAt OHSHOEDESIGNS we feel that “great fashion style” is completely personal in nature. Wear what feels good to YOU – and not dress for others. Impress yourself, and by default you’ll wow everyone else. Yes, certain fashions are “in” – yet don’t let that dictate your outfit. Trust that you’ll put something together creative, expressive, and functional. We simply like to recommend awesome pieces that support your fashion journey. For example, when accessorizing, you can’t miss with Pamela Love’s intricately detailed “Serpent Bangle”…or embrace the spring-inspired silver flower bracelet from Delfina Deletrez. You always agonize over the purse, so have a look at this stunning pebble leather, studded bag from WangRockie. Then there’s Christopher Kane’s short-sleeve velvet dress – ridden with gorgeous blue roses. Now, the anchor of any outfit, the shoes. OHSHOEDESIGNS presents you with tapered heel sandals with a deliberately uneven eye-catching pattern…as well as Cognac-colored, high-heeled leather sandals, a combo of sturdiness and sass. Now, it’s all up to you! 1. -Designer: Pamela Love -Product name: Serpent Bangle 2. -Designer: Delfina Delettrez -Product name: M'ama Non M'ama Thin Bracelet 3.-Designer: Alexander -Product name: WangRockie Pebble Bag 4. -Designer: Christopher Kane -Product name: Short-Sleeve Velvet Dress 5. –Designer: OHSHOEDESIGNS –Product name: Cognac 6. –Designer: OHSHOEDESIGNS –prouct name: willow white By OHSHOEDESIGNS

  • Style of the week

    It’s thrilling when an amazing outfit comes together. But we know how it goes: you agonize over what to wear, think you’ve got it…then at the last second you feel it’s all wrong! Well, we can help, for at least one summer occasion. We have spectacular shoes, and now we have the perfect dress and necklace recommendations to go with them. Pick your pair – Tangy sandals, with gilded stiletto heel with silver sequined ankle straps, neon-orange toe-strap and lime green leather insole…OR the Blueberry flats – black-striped, blue leather pumps with a ribbon splashed over the instep. The dress? Valentino’s ecru silk-organza subtly flaunts delicate floral embroidery, scalloped hems and a tulle underskirt. The necklace? A Stephen Dweck original, it’s loaded with turquoise pebbles, creatively arranged. It’s classic Dweck, who conveys his passion for stones and minerals in every design. Now go bring this gorgeous ensemble to life! By OHSHOEDESIGNS

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