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Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • Sassy booties


    You hear the term “sassy” all the time. Sometimes it can have a negative connotation, but in the world of fashion, it’s all good – conveying boldness, uniqueness, originality, and attitude. Yes, attitude. As you know, that plays a major role in how you present your style. It’s one thing to wear an outfit well, but if you don’t have confidence in how you look, well, it doesn’t matter what you put on. This is why we’re all for being sassy, yet we say that with caution. This doesn’t mean arrogance, or feeling you’re above other folks, it just means having a bit of fun and self-assurance with your fashion. So, here at OHSHOEDESIGNS, we thought it would be very appropriate to name this pair “Sassy”. These shoes feature soft leather booty with a high heel (or any heel height you choose) and no zipper. And when you take a look at the bold red color, it indeed has sassy written all over it. Just think of the outfit you can assemble with this pair. You can be elegant and simple, yet still flaunt a serious amount of sass. Again, once you have crafted an amazing outfit, keep in mind it doesn’t have to make an obvious statement. Any thing you wear can be considered a creative look, as it’s all in how you pull it off. Our “Sassy” pair affords you a chic, refined style that can accommodate or anchor any fall wardrobe. So anytime you’re in the mood for a little sassiness, this is the perfect pair.


  • A great line up of flats

    Flats Flats are synonymous with comfort, and they can be tremendously stylish – so your feet can feel good while you look good. Yet you do have to put some thought into the outfit that accompanies those flats. There are many cool, chic, or simply elegant flats at your fingertips, so crafting your ensemble won’t be a challenge. OHSHOEDESIGNS has a great line up of flats for any occasion, yet there are things to keep in mind. Make sure your flats have some shape – avoid the shapeless flats with drab colors. Go for what’s in style, pairs that flaunt robustly colored leathers, buckles, grommets, metal add-ons…you get the idea. Our bold blue and black flats with bow, blue square patterned pair, leopard-like green flats, or any other pair we offer will give you a great creative start.   By OHSHOEDESIGNS

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