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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • Ankle boots



    At OHSHOEDESIGNS, we simply love boots. It’s our priority to offer trendy styles that complement your creative flair. So we’re excited to have these Brianigans ankle boots in our collection. These versatile, perfect-for-Fall boots are soft black suede with an ankle fold, and are highlighted by wide reflecting heels created by OHSHOEDESIGNS designs – as crafting special heels is our specialty. Ankle boots have always been a mainstay of culture - from the men’s Chukka Boots born in the 1950s, to the 1960s Chelsea boot made popular by the Beatles, to the Go-Go boots of dancing fame from the same decade, to Doc Martens from in 1970s subculture that evolved to maintain popularity all the way to present time. Ankle boots have always been loved, as they’re often a marriage of versatility and high-end fashion. We’re continuing that trend – so check in often with OHSHOEDESIGNS to see what unique pairs we’ve added to our line up!



  • Polka dot pumps


    polka-dot-pumps,-suede-high-heels,-ohshoedesigns,-ohshoedesigns'-shoes,-polka-dotted-pumps-polka-dot-pumps-blog  Who knew Polka Dot pumps could be so stylish? In the past, when we’ve heard “polka dots”, it conjures images for little girls’ pajamas. But when you have shoe designers that can to infuse chic creativity into pumps and take an outfit to the next level, the result is simply beautiful. Imagine a pair of shoes that can either be the anchor of a fun, whimsical look or be a statement of elegance when dressing up for any number of special occasions. With this black and white Polka Dots & Moonbeams offering from OHSHOEDESIGNS, you’ll be able to truly craft a stunning ensemble. And when you’re wearing them around town or at an event, get ready for huge compliments, and get ready to answer the question, “Your shoes are awesome…where did you get them??” These suede pumps feature triangular high heels and a wave-like side pattern, bearing a pin ribbon. Be proud of your polka dots!


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