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Monthly Archives: November 2013

  • High heels


    The mystery of high heels is quite fascinating. It’s not a riddle what high heels convey – they emit glamor and high fashion. They can be striking in bold color and chic style, yet the question is why women choose high heels when the discomfort can be so annoying. First, we consider the height advantage gained from heels. Is this advantageous because women feel men are more attracted to increased height? Perhaps – yet due to the fact that so many wear heels, and that they eventually have to remove them, this benefit is quite short-lived. At OHSHOEDESIGNS, we feel that although added height enhances confidence, the source of passion for high heels lies within one word – femininity. The inherent structure of heels causes women to move a certain way, accenting certain feminine traits – ones that drive attraction from the opposite sex…it’s simply human nature. OHSHOE offers an impressive range of high heels, a selection driven by creativity and quality. And we know women will live with a bit of discomfort if they can flaunt a spectacular pair, make a statement, and, of course, make heads turn.


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