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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • Spring is coming, so it's time to start getting ready to take your pumps out of your closet!

    ohshoedesigns,-pumps-out-of-your-closet,ohshoedesigns-blog-  If you’re about staying on top of fashion styles and trends, then you’re well aware that spring is coming. Since we’re nearing the heart of winter, those not tuned into the world of fashion would call that statement crazy. But in this industry, it’s about focusing on what’s going to be buzzing this spring. Here at OHSHOEDESIGNS, we thought it would be a great idea to give your creative thinking a spark – we don’t want to influence your style, we want to influence HOW YOU THINK about your style. Normally we’d say “get those pumps” ready, or “try a different heel height”…but all we really want to say at this point is “dress differently.” Meaning, as you start thinking about clothes, shoes, and ensembles, consider creating another facet of your fashion personality. Think about an accessory that you’ve always passed up. Or a color you wouldn’t normally choose. Or a type of outfit you’ve never tried on. You might surprise yourself, and open up a new world of ideas. Spring is coming, so push it a bit, and dress differently. And visit us at OHSHOEDESIGNS to ignite your imagination.


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