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Monthly Archives: February 2014




    Consider the idea of “fashion”. We know that conjures up different images and has varying meanings for different people. And then there’s taking it a step further by identifying something as “fashionable.” So, what does that really mean? At OHSHOEDESIGNS, we like to define it as individuality. Personal creativity is at the heart of fashion…no judgments…no rolling of the eyes…just an admiration of those who proudly wear whatever makes them feel good. We truly believe that we’re living in a golden age of fashion – there are so many unique options, so many unexpected ways to put an outfit together, and so many designs available to make whatever statement you wish. At OHSHOEDESIGNS, sure we have plenty of shoes that may be labeled “trendy” or “stylish” or “relevant” – yet at the end of the day, it’s all about what YOU think. We’re just here to give you a wide range of choices and colors and heel heights, and to give you expert, personal attention that a small company with big ideas can offer. Isn’t that the right way to define “fashionable”? We think so. Stop by our site, sign up for our newsletter, and see how we can support your creativity.


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