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Band flat sandals

color-flats,ohshoedesigns You know what they say, “You can never get enough of something you love.” We’re not sure exactly who says that, but we think there’s a good chance they were talking about shoes. As in comfortable shoes that hold up, from a fashion sense, for any occasion. And when there is an important event – or any event for that matter – sometimes we think that our shoes must make a fashion statement, or a bold statement, or that they must garner compliments. Here at OHSHOEDESIGNS, although we’re all for making a splash with a prolific pair, we also preach that shoes that make an outfit appear seamless are worth their weight in gold (or leather). And any of our colorful array of band flat sandals can truly round out any ensemble. Often, this style is the “go-to pair”, thanks to its comfort and simplicity. But imagine have several go-to pairs in your closet – our flat sandals, are, at the same time, sleek, versatile, and a joy to wear. We know that you simply won’t get enough of these!


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