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  • Must have in2014/sandals



    Sure, we all had 2014 New Year’s resolutions. And maybe you did a great job keeping those promises to yourself. Or maybe you let some slide. Either way, with the upcoming summer season, you’ve got more important resolutions to make – the most important one being to dedicate yourself to only wearing shoes that inspire. The great thing is, fashion promises are the easiest ones to keep! Especially when you have access to superior sandals that allow your creativity to shine. You can opt for simple and elegant, a pair that will always turn heads, or shoes that really push the limits of what you’re used to. After all, although you should always be comfortable in your sandals, you should never get too comfortable and do the “same old, same old.” When you fill your closet with a line-up of sandals that force you to put together a completely new look, you’ll be surprised at what you come up with. At OHSHOEDESIGNS, we focus on presenting you with pairs that elevate your fashion, and we’ll always have sandals that make you say “wow”. That’s our 2014 resolution – and it’s just for you.


  • Loafers; are you ready for shoe comfort?



    It’s a common misconception that comfort has to take a back seat to beauty and style. The often heard complaint after a night on heels – no matter how stunning the pair may be – is: “oh my gosh, my feet are killing me...I need to get out of these heels!” Of course, some specific occasions do call for a certain level of elegance – for which heels are perfect. But before you automatically assume that’s the choice to make, consider the loafer (or commonly called, “slip-on” shoes) – as this style of shoe has recently come a long way in the world of fashion. These days, you have amazing options – where comfort is a given, and where superior style is surprising. Especially now that the warmer months are upon us, there are definitely going to be more and more occasions that are perfect for the comfort of loafers. And the key is not to settle for the simple (although a simple, clean design works in many cases), but to explore what’s out there. There exists a universe of both heeled and non-heeled loafers, both of which provide the comfort you desire as well as gorgeous styles than can anchor an outfit.



  • What is the most important decision for you when you buy shoes?



    Have you ever stopped to consider what overcomes you when discovering that truly special pair of shoes? We’re not talking about the occasional purchase for a certain event, or for work, or when you just have to replace a certain pair. Those decisions are driven by obvious factors – you lean towards certain colors, you may have a taste for the flashy vs. the understated, and there’s always the desire for comfort. We’re talking about the intangible, hard to explain wow factor. You know, that extraordinary, tingly feeling you get all over when a certain shoe genuinely jumps out at you. The pair that you must have, right away. Like it’s sitting there on the shelf with a glow around it. It’s like the perfect storm, where you’re not really looking at the individual facets of the shoe, but you’re taking in its complete aura. The next time that happens, take a moment and consider that feeling. Here at OHSHOEDESIGNS, we’re asking you to do that because we believe it will tell you something important about yourself. Because when you know more about yourself, you’ll be that much more comfortable BEING yourself…and truly embrace your individuality. So the next time you’re overwhelmed with excitement, before you step into those amazing shoes, step back and ask yourself why you feel that way. It may be very enlightening!





    Consider the idea of “fashion”. We know that conjures up different images and has varying meanings for different people. And then there’s taking it a step further by identifying something as “fashionable.” So, what does that really mean? At OHSHOEDESIGNS, we like to define it as individuality. Personal creativity is at the heart of fashion…no judgments…no rolling of the eyes…just an admiration of those who proudly wear whatever makes them feel good. We truly believe that we’re living in a golden age of fashion – there are so many unique options, so many unexpected ways to put an outfit together, and so many designs available to make whatever statement you wish. At OHSHOEDESIGNS, sure we have plenty of shoes that may be labeled “trendy” or “stylish” or “relevant” – yet at the end of the day, it’s all about what YOU think. We’re just here to give you a wide range of choices and colors and heel heights, and to give you expert, personal attention that a small company with big ideas can offer. Isn’t that the right way to define “fashionable”? We think so. Stop by our site, sign up for our newsletter, and see how we can support your creativity.


  • Spring is coming, so it's time to start getting ready to take your pumps out of your closet!

    ohshoedesigns,-pumps-out-of-your-closet,ohshoedesigns-blog-  If you’re about staying on top of fashion styles and trends, then you’re well aware that spring is coming. Since we’re nearing the heart of winter, those not tuned into the world of fashion would call that statement crazy. But in this industry, it’s about focusing on what’s going to be buzzing this spring. Here at OHSHOEDESIGNS, we thought it would be a great idea to give your creative thinking a spark – we don’t want to influence your style, we want to influence HOW YOU THINK about your style. Normally we’d say “get those pumps” ready, or “try a different heel height”…but all we really want to say at this point is “dress differently.” Meaning, as you start thinking about clothes, shoes, and ensembles, consider creating another facet of your fashion personality. Think about an accessory that you’ve always passed up. Or a color you wouldn’t normally choose. Or a type of outfit you’ve never tried on. You might surprise yourself, and open up a new world of ideas. Spring is coming, so push it a bit, and dress differently. And visit us at OHSHOEDESIGNS to ignite your imagination.


  • A great line up of flats

    Flats Flats are synonymous with comfort, and they can be tremendously stylish – so your feet can feel good while you look good. Yet you do have to put some thought into the outfit that accompanies those flats. There are many cool, chic, or simply elegant flats at your fingertips, so crafting your ensemble won’t be a challenge. OHSHOEDESIGNS has a great line up of flats for any occasion, yet there are things to keep in mind. Make sure your flats have some shape – avoid the shapeless flats with drab colors. Go for what’s in style, pairs that flaunt robustly colored leathers, buckles, grommets, metal add-ons…you get the idea. Our bold blue and black flats with bow, blue square patterned pair, leopard-like green flats, or any other pair we offer will give you a great creative start.   By OHSHOEDESIGNS

  • Evening shoes

    ohshoedesigns-rhinestone-collection The very mention of rhinestone shoes conjures up a glamorous image. Think of a special evening out, gracefully shining along with every step. Even when you choose a pair that seems to be a bit much, these days it seems that the more sparkle, the better. Just put thought into how you piece together the outfit, and you’ll pull off a chic, and not cheap, look. The goal of donning the rhinestones the right way is to opt for simplicity regarding your outfit. Don’t flaunt a gaudy dress – instead go with a simple evening gown or long skirt. And it’s ok to complement the brilliance of your rhinestone shoes with some sparkle in your accessories. The result is an elegant look, highlighted by a glittery twist. Visit us at OHSHOEDESIGNS, and check out our variety of fashionable shoes creatively decorated with rhinestones, with pairs featuring Swarovski rhinestones. We’re serious about our bedazzled shoes and heels, as all rhinestones are attached by hand. Go get your shine on! By OHSHOEDESIGNS

  • Style of the week


    It’s never easy to piece together an outfit – but if you’re creative about it, then have no fear! In the spirit of suggestions, we’ve highlighted some notable designers and some of their magic. For a primary accessory, it’s tough to out-style this Ethnic silicone, gold-plated necklace by Ek Thongprasert. And, this colorful red patent leather purse from Thom Brown – detailed with beautiful gold-tone grommets, is a statement. Want extraordinary? See this dress by La Garconne Moderne. It’s a simple, cotton/linen burlap dress featuring a rounded neck and dropped dolman short sleeves with a generous cut. And different combos can be a great success. The dress and our Cubix sandals – black and white high heel pair anchored by a rugged instep and ankle strap design – are perfect for a special occasion. Or, complement the dress with our bella bright yellow flats, and be gracefully casual. You can make anything work!


  • Style of the week

    weekly-collectionAt OHSHOEDESIGNS we feel that “great fashion style” is completely personal in nature. Wear what feels good to YOU – and not dress for others. Impress yourself, and by default you’ll wow everyone else. Yes, certain fashions are “in” – yet don’t let that dictate your outfit. Trust that you’ll put something together creative, expressive, and functional. We simply like to recommend awesome pieces that support your fashion journey. For example, when accessorizing, you can’t miss with Pamela Love’s intricately detailed “Serpent Bangle”…or embrace the spring-inspired silver flower bracelet from Delfina Deletrez. You always agonize over the purse, so have a look at this stunning pebble leather, studded bag from WangRockie. Then there’s Christopher Kane’s short-sleeve velvet dress – ridden with gorgeous blue roses. Now, the anchor of any outfit, the shoes. OHSHOEDESIGNS presents you with tapered heel sandals with a deliberately uneven eye-catching pattern…as well as Cognac-colored, high-heeled leather sandals, a combo of sturdiness and sass. Now, it’s all up to you! 1. -Designer: Pamela Love -Product name: Serpent Bangle 2. -Designer: Delfina Delettrez -Product name: M'ama Non M'ama Thin Bracelet 3.-Designer: Alexander -Product name: WangRockie Pebble Bag 4. -Designer: Christopher Kane -Product name: Short-Sleeve Velvet Dress 5. –Designer: OHSHOEDESIGNS –Product name: Cognac 6. –Designer: OHSHOEDESIGNS –prouct name: willow white By OHSHOEDESIGNS

  • Style of the week

    It’s thrilling when an amazing outfit comes together. But we know how it goes: you agonize over what to wear, think you’ve got it…then at the last second you feel it’s all wrong! Well, we can help, for at least one summer occasion. We have spectacular shoes, and now we have the perfect dress and necklace recommendations to go with them. Pick your pair – Tangy sandals, with gilded stiletto heel with silver sequined ankle straps, neon-orange toe-strap and lime green leather insole…OR the Blueberry flats – black-striped, blue leather pumps with a ribbon splashed over the instep. The dress? Valentino’s ecru silk-organza subtly flaunts delicate floral embroidery, scalloped hems and a tulle underskirt. The necklace? A Stephen Dweck original, it’s loaded with turquoise pebbles, creatively arranged. It’s classic Dweck, who conveys his passion for stones and minerals in every design. Now go bring this gorgeous ensemble to life! By OHSHOEDESIGNS

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