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Loafers; are you ready for shoe comfort?



It’s a common misconception that comfort has to take a back seat to beauty and style. The often heard complaint after a night on heels – no matter how stunning the pair may be – is: “oh my gosh, my feet are killing me...I need to get out of these heels!” Of course, some specific occasions do call for a certain level of elegance – for which heels are perfect. But before you automatically assume that’s the choice to make, consider the loafer (or commonly called, “slip-on” shoes) – as this style of shoe has recently come a long way in the world of fashion. These days, you have amazing options – where comfort is a given, and where superior style is surprising. Especially now that the warmer months are upon us, there are definitely going to be more and more occasions that are perfect for the comfort of loafers. And the key is not to settle for the simple (although a simple, clean design works in many cases), but to explore what’s out there. There exists a universe of both heeled and non-heeled loafers, both of which provide the comfort you desire as well as gorgeous styles than can anchor an outfit.



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