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Must have in2014/sandals



Sure, we all had 2014 New Year’s resolutions. And maybe you did a great job keeping those promises to yourself. Or maybe you let some slide. Either way, with the upcoming summer season, you’ve got more important resolutions to make – the most important one being to dedicate yourself to only wearing shoes that inspire. The great thing is, fashion promises are the easiest ones to keep! Especially when you have access to superior sandals that allow your creativity to shine. You can opt for simple and elegant, a pair that will always turn heads, or shoes that really push the limits of what you’re used to. After all, although you should always be comfortable in your sandals, you should never get too comfortable and do the “same old, same old.” When you fill your closet with a line-up of sandals that force you to put together a completely new look, you’ll be surprised at what you come up with. At OHSHOEDESIGNS, we focus on presenting you with pairs that elevate your fashion, and we’ll always have sandals that make you say “wow”. That’s our 2014 resolution – and it’s just for you.


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