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  • Sandals

    Sometimes you shoot for chic style. Sometimes you go for distinction. But when you can put the two together and embrace something fashionably unique, well, then you’re walking pretty. Green snake leather isn’t something you see every day, especially in a pair of heels whose straps seem to make a statement of their own. Often times, two prominent design elements or patterns clash, or one is simply too dominant. With this pair, you’ll notice that the different aspects complement each other perfectly. The beautiful shade of green is a delicate touch in the front, yet the view from the back is a whole different story. From that angle, you can appreciate impact of the snake leather design, while the sparkle of the straps provides a subtle backdrop that meshes well. And any heel height you choose will convey the same aura – one where a touch of bold meets a strong sense of of sophistication. By OHSHOEDESIGNS

  • Leather shoes

    Shoes that are made from real leather are expensive, so it is good to know how to keep them in good condition for a long time. Here are some tips! First, before you wear them, lightly put leather shoe polish all over them. This should help to protect them from getting some light scratches and a shot life. Second, anytime after coming back home, dust off your leather shoes with a cloth, clean them with a cleaner, and apply leather polish. One thing you should know about using leather polish is that a liquid leather shoe polish is for common leather, and an emulsified cream is for real leather. Last, put some newspapers into the shoes, and keep them in a cool area. Be aware that the best function of real leather shoes is that to absorb all the sweat, so it is very impotent to dry them in natural cool air. Plus, wearing real leather shoes two days in a row is not good. By OHSHOEDESIGNS.COM

  • A necklace

    At OHSHOEDESIGNS we’re all about finding the perfect pair, but when we come across an amazing accessory we have to share it with you! Now that the summer months are rolling around, we know you’re thinking about different outfits for different occasions. This unique necklace not only complements an array of styles you may choose to wear, it also adds a bit of its own distinction. This piece from Noritami Jewelry ( is elegant, striking, and says to people, “Wow, this woman certainly has a flair for fashion that goes beyond the traditional.” So approach the summer with a few different looks, and add accessories that put your outfit over the top. By OHSHOEDESIGNS

  • Suede shoes

    We all know suede and water don’t mix, and it’s such a bummer when your shoes get caught in an unexpected storm. But there is hope! Once inside, use either a smalltowel or a scrap of newspaper and firmly press down on the fabric to absorb the moisture. Next, stuff crumpled balls of newspaper into each shoe. Place the shoes in a shady, cool spot. Once dry, brush shoes carefully with a clean brush to remove dirt, following suede-care instructions. Do not try to remove any stain or smudge with water, as it will discolor the suede. We also suggest that you buy a suede protector spray, which will extend your shoes’ life, keeping them in good condition longer. By OHSHOEDESIGNS

  • Velvet shoes

    Some special day you want to be a princess, so you decide to put on your velvet shoes. However, when a little smudge or dirt gets on them, you panic! But washing them with water can potentially ruin the velvet shine and texture, and rubbing them with a shoe brush also may destroy their soft surface. Here is a solution. First, you should completely blow dry them to eliminate all moisture, and then pat off the dust (Don’t brush it off) by hand as carefully as possible. At this point, you should make sure not to tear the velvet. After repeating those steps a few times, remove the remaining dust with a piece of dried sponge. Finally, use the small or smallest air intake part of a vacuum cleaner to inhale any other fine dust. Sometimes using a vacuum cleaner to clean velvet clothes or shoes is necessary because it not only sucks in fine dust, but also helps to lift up velvet textures. In general, you should try to keep velvet shoes separate from other pairs so they won’t get pressed down. Remember, velvet shoes are meant to remain soft and full of its natural texture! By OHSHOEDESIGNS

  • Flat shoes

    Hi everyone! Greetings, shoe aficionados! Here at OHSHOEDESIGNS, we hope the new season’s warmer weather has encouraged you to put together some great new outfits. And, you know as well as we do that the shoes make your styles come to life. So to help inspire some creativity with color, we’re introducing our line of vividly colorful flats! Our designs give you great flexibility, whatever the occasion may be. The colors are striking, the comfort is fantastic, and the heel height is up to you! Grab a yellow pair to make a splash at a dinner party, or maybe choose the blue to stroll around a beautiful day at the park – wherever you go, people will comment on your great taste. In you need any more info at all about these amazing new flats, just send us an email at! By OHSHOEDESIGNS

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