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Polka dot pumps


polka-dot-pumps,-suede-high-heels,-ohshoedesigns,-ohshoedesigns'-shoes,-polka-dotted-pumps-polka-dot-pumps-blog  Who knew Polka Dot pumps could be so stylish? In the past, when we’ve heard “polka dots”, it conjures images for little girls’ pajamas. But when you have shoe designers that can to infuse chic creativity into pumps and take an outfit to the next level, the result is simply beautiful. Imagine a pair of shoes that can either be the anchor of a fun, whimsical look or be a statement of elegance when dressing up for any number of special occasions. With this black and white Polka Dots & Moonbeams offering from OHSHOEDESIGNS, you’ll be able to truly craft a stunning ensemble. And when you’re wearing them around town or at an event, get ready for huge compliments, and get ready to answer the question, “Your shoes are awesome…where did you get them??” These suede pumps feature triangular high heels and a wave-like side pattern, bearing a pin ribbon. Be proud of your polka dots!


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