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Velvet shoes

Some special day you want to be a princess, so you decide to put on your velvet shoes. However, when a little smudge or dirt gets on them, you panic! But washing them with water can potentially ruin the velvet shine and texture, and rubbing them with a shoe brush also may destroy their soft surface. Here is a solution. First, you should completely blow dry them to eliminate all moisture, and then pat off the dust (Don’t brush it off) by hand as carefully as possible. At this point, you should make sure not to tear the velvet. After repeating those steps a few times, remove the remaining dust with a piece of dried sponge. Finally, use the small or smallest air intake part of a vacuum cleaner to inhale any other fine dust. Sometimes using a vacuum cleaner to clean velvet clothes or shoes is necessary because it not only sucks in fine dust, but also helps to lift up velvet textures. In general, you should try to keep velvet shoes separate from other pairs so they won’t get pressed down. Remember, velvet shoes are meant to remain soft and full of its natural texture! By OHSHOEDESIGNS

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