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About 오슈디자인스

When evaluating the potential launch of a new retail business in the world of fashion, there are many things to consider. Of course, you must be able to offer distinct and creative products, have an expert eye for design and structure, work hard to stay in tune and even ahead of the latest trends and always provide the best in customer service to meet the needs and desires of your target audience/customers. But the extra ingredient that transcends any one consideration and pulls everything together is passion.

Put simply, I started Oh Shoe Designs LLC and this Website ( because I adore women’s shoes and I sincerely enjoy sharing my passion and fashion tastes with others. We strive to give women the chance to consistently find something they absolutely love…which we define as fabulous shoes for any occasion that are well made and sold at a fair price.

In addition to providing fabulous shoes at a fair price, the specialty customer first aspect of our business and product offerings relates to our high heels. Once you select a pair of shoes in the style you adore, you get to finalize your selection by choosing the heel height for your new shoes. In this way, we think of ourselves not so much as a retail store but more of a personal stylist service. Yes, like us you can shop many places for shoes and find styles that excite you – yet often the heel height is just too tall or too short. In starting our business, we felt that this was an issue that needed to be addressed, and that women everywhere would appreciate a solution.

We let you customize your heel so that our stylish shoes work perfectly with your own style and comfort. After all, no one knows your style and comfort better than you do. In our experience, the search for the perfect shoe can be elusive in a typical shopping excursion. Here, we want to provide a modern customized approach to fashion, and let you provide a personal touch to every shoe you add to your wardrobe.

Our goal is to eliminate the frustration that comes with searching for the perfect shoe with the perfect fit and not finding it by working hard to make sure you do find that perfect shoe with the perfect fit.

We love our shoes and think you will too. We welcome comments and feedback and love to talk shoes. You can always reach us at


Yunhee Oh